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What happens if I fall behind with my rent? 

We will try to contact you and if you are still behind with your rent we will take court action to evict you.

  1. Notice of Seeking Possession - First you will receive a 'notice of seeking possession'.

    This gives you four weeks to pay the debt.

  2. Court hearing - If you still do not pay, there will be a hearing at the county court.
    The court will make a court order for possession and you will have to pay court costs as well as the rent arrears.

  3. Eviction - If you don't follow the county court order to pay, we will request a warrant to evict you.
    You will have to pay the cost of the warrant fee. The county court bailiff will carry out the eviction.
    You must still pay the arrears owed and your name will be entered in the list of county court judgements which may prevent you from getting credit and other services.

We continue to vigorously pursue tenants who have left their home with rent arrears and other debts. Your may not be eligible to reapply for housing on the Carmarthenshire Common Housing Register if you leave your home owing rent arrears, court costs or recharged repair accounts.