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Paying your Rent

  • Setting up a Direct Debit 

    You can now set up a Direct Debit over the phone by calling 

    our Customer Services Team on 01267 232714

  • OnlineClick here to make an online payment

  • Over the phone by either calling the Associations 

  • Customer Services Team on 01267 232714 or calling allpay directly on 0844 557 8321

  • Over the counter at the Associations Office
  • Over the Counter at any PayPoint or Post Office  






Understanding your Rent

What is your rent used for?

Your rent is our main source of income and it is used to ensure that you receive the best services possible
to provide, maintain and manage your home. 


Pay your rent in a way that suits you

  • Direct Debit - Contact our Customer Services Team on 01267 232714 to arrange for your rent to be paid directly from your bank account on a date that best suits you. Direct debits are fast, easy and a convenient way of managing your finances. 

  • Online - Credit or debit card payments can be made by clicking on the following link Click here to make an online payment

  • Allpay App - Download the Allpay App from Google stores or ITunes on your smartphone. Once downloaded you will need to contact us to request your unique 19 digit UPRN number. Once set up you can pay your rent on the go at any time of the day.


  • Allpay payment card - Why not pay your rent using your Allpay card whilst out doing your weekly shop, payments can be made at any outlet displaying the Paypoint logo. A payment card can be requested by contacting the Customer Services Team.

  • At the Office - Cash, cheque or card payments can be made by visiting our reception area.

  • Housing Benefit - If you and your family are on a low income, you may be entitled to some help paying your rent. Carmarthenshire County Council’s Housing Benefit Department will be able to assist you with this and can be contacted on 01554 742100

    Housing Benefit will only be awarded after a financial assessment. Residents who receive Housing Benefit can request that payments get made directly to the Association. For more information on Housing Benefit please visit

Managing your rent account online

Managing your rent account couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up or login, if you already have a username and password, to your very own ‘My Accounts’ area on our website. Once logged in you will have full access to your rent account and a live rent statement.

Please note, as stated in your tenancy agreement ‘The payment of weekly Gross Rent is due in advance on the Monday of each week’. 


Get a bank account that suits you

As a result of ‘your benefits are changing’ you will need a bank account, if you don’t already have one. 

Selecting the right bank account is essential when managing your finances. 

For advice in choosing the right bank account, please click here.


Unsure of what benefits you are entitled to?

Use the free and easy to use benefits calculator to see whether you are entitled to any additional financial help through welfare benefits.


If you still have any unanswered question regarding your rent please contact the Customer Services Team on 01267 232 714 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.  

Why you should pay

Paying your rent is not a matter of choice and it’s important you pay on time.

You are responsible for ensuring your rent is paid each month.

In addition, you may also have to pay for extra services such as grounds maintenance and communal stair cleaning or lighting.

This will be explained in your tenancy agreement.

We use the money we collect to provide services such as repairs and improvements to your home. 
If you don’t pay your rent, we have less money to provide services. 

Managing your rent

Our aim is to charge rents which people on a low income can afford,  

but will also give us sufficient funds to maintain high standards of services and properties.

To allow us to manage your rent effectively, we will:

  • Review rent and service charges every year
  • Give you 28 days' notice of any increase to your rent or service charges
  • Offer a variety of ways to pay

Having difficulties paying

If you're finding it difficult or can't pay the rent, let us know as soon as you can.

We're here to offer help and advice when you need it. If you don't let us know what is happening, there's a risk you may lose your home.

We can put you in touch with someone who can check that you're getting all the benefits you're supposed to, and can offer
confidential help and advice if you're in debt or having money problems. 

Rent arrears

If you find yourself falling behind with your rent, it’s important you work with us to deal with the situation.

We will speak to you by telephone or visit you to work out repayment options if you are experiencing difficulties.

If you don’t let us know about missed payments or don’t keep to an arrangement for paying off arrears, we may take legal action,
which could lead to you losing your home

If you are in arrears

  • Don’t ignore the problem
  • Don’t ignore our letters or telephone calls regarding rent arrears
  • Don’t borrow money from door-to-door or payday lenders


  • Work with us to deal with the issue, make an affordable repayment arrangement and stick to it

What happens if I fall behind with my rent? 

We will try to contact you and if you are still behind with your rent we will take court action to evict you.

  1. Notice of Seeking Possession - First you will receive a 'notice of seeking possession'.

    This gives you four weeks to pay the debt.

  2. Court hearing - If you still do not pay, there will be a hearing at the county court.
    The court will make a court order for possession and you will have to pay court costs as well as the rent arrears.

  3. Eviction - If you don't follow the county court order to pay, we will request a warrant to evict you.
    You will have to pay the cost of the warrant fee. The county court bailiff will carry out the eviction.
    You must still pay the arrears owed and your name will be entered in the list of county court judgements which may prevent you from getting credit and other services.

We continue to vigorously pursue tenants who have left their home with rent arrears and other debts. Your may not be eligible to reapply for housing on the Carmarthenshire Common Housing Register if you leave your home owing rent arrears, court costs or recharged repair accounts.