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Concerns and Complaints Policy  

“People will find it easy to complain and get things put right when the service
they receive is not good enough.”


  • We are committed to dealing effectively with any concerns or complaints you may have about our service

  • We aim to clarify any issues about which you are not sure and If possible,
    we’ll put right any mistakes we may have made.

  • We will provide any service you’re entitled to which we have failed to deliver. 

  • We also aim to learn from our mistakes and use the information we gain to improve our services.


If we got something wrong, we’ll apologise and where possible 
we’ll try to put things right. 


When to use this policy?

When you express your concerns or complain to us, we will usually respond in the way we explain below.

However, sometimes you may have a statutory right of appeal, so rather than investigate your concern or complaint; we will explain to you how you can appeal. 

Sometimes, you might be concerned about matters that are not decided by us and we will then advise you about how to make your concerns known. 

Also, this policy does not apply if the matter relates to a Freedom of Information or Data Protection issue.  

In this circumstance, you should contact Dafydd Jones, Head of Corporate Resources.