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If we formally investigate your complaint, we will let you know what we have found in keeping with your preferred form of communication. 

This could be by letter or e-mail, for example. If necessary, we will produce a longer report.

We’ll explain how and why we came to our conclusions.  


  • If we find that we got it wrong, we’ll tell you what and why it happened. We’ll show how the mistake affected you.
  • If we find there is a fault in our systems or the way we do things, we’ll tell you what it is and how we plan to change things to stop it happening again.

  • If we got it wrong, we will always apologise.


Learning lessons

We take your concerns and complaints seriously and try to learn from any mistakes we've made. 

Our Executive Management Team considers a summary of all complaints quarterly as well as details of any serious complaints. 

Our Board also considers our response to complaints at least twice a year.