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Anti-Social Behaviour 

As  residents, you have  the  right  to  live  peacefully  and  to  experience  a  peaceful environment within your own home and community. 

You and your fellow neighbours have the same rights and responsibilities.

Your rights and responsibilities as residents are clearly set out in your Tenancy Agreement. We expect that as residents of Bro Myrddin that you and your visitors keep these obligations in mind within your home, neighbourhood and community.


What is ASB?

Anti Social Behaviour is ‘acting in a manner that caused or was likely to cause, harassment alarm or distress to one or more people not of the same household’

Anti social behaviour includes things like:

  • Violence or threats of violence towards another person
  • Harassment
  • Hate crime and hate incidents
  • Verbal abuse and offensive behaviour 
  • Unreasonable and persistent noise
  • Graffiti and criminal damage
  • Drug or alcohol use leading to a person or group of people causing alarm, harassment and distress to others
  • Selling drugs or other illegal substances
  • Allowing pets to make excessive noise or be a danger to others
  • Dumping rubbish and litter, in your garden or around the area in which you live
  • Parking vehicles inconsiderately, abandoning vehicles or keeping untaxed vehicles in the street
  • Carrying out domestic abuse/violence


We believe that everyone has the right to lead their lives in any manner that they choose, as  long  as  it  does  not  affect  the  quality  of  life  of  those  around  them.

This requires tolerance and respect of the needs and lifestyles of other people

When people do have differences, we will make every attempt to try and work with them to solve the problem wherever this is possible.

This can often be the best and quickest way of resolving differences, as many people may not even be aware that they are causing a problem. 


We will:  

  • Work with people and other agencies to work towards a solution to antisocial behaviour, 
  • deal with anti-social behaviour in a firm but fair fashion and do as much as possible to discourage such behaviour in the first instance, 
  • have a range of actions we can take against those who persistently cause nuisance.


Residents may lose their security of tenure, their home or become subject to an injunction which may lead to arrest and even imprisonment.

However, these actions are not appropriate in every case and other measures will be used where appropriate.

We will do our best to ensure that our neighbourhoods are peaceful and safe and places to live. 

We recognise that anti social behaviour can be a real blight on communities and we have a responsibility to help to tackle these problems.


Our main aims are:

  • To ensure that incidents of anti-social behaviour are reported, accurately recorded and monitored. 
  • To ensure that early action is taken to prevent the escalation of anti-social behaviour. 
  • To support victims, their families and any witnesses. 
  • To fully advise the victim/witnesses of services which may be available through the Police,  local  authority  or  other  agencies  or  to  signpost  to  appropriate agencies  for support, e.g. “Victim Support”. 
  • To encourage victims/witnesses to report incidents. 
  • To  take  a  victim  orientated  approach  when  dealing  with  complaints  of  anti-social behaviour. 
  • To fully investigate any complaints of anti-social behaviour and deal with them within the given timescale. 
  • To ensure that actual and potential perpetrators of anti-social behaviour are aware of the consequences of their actions. 
  • To provide support to perpetrators to prevent/reduce future problems, where appropriate. 
  • To take appropriate legal action where there is sufficient evidence against perpetrators. 
  • To encourage a multi-agency approach to dealing with anti-social behaviour. 
  • To ensure that all relevant staff are fully trained to be able to deal with complaints of anti-social behaviour. 
  • To adopt appropriate procedures to deal with anti-social behaviour.