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Moving In 

  • Provide you with housing advice and inform you of your housing options.
  • Where appropriate, put you in touch with specialist housing advice agencies who can help (e.g. Shelter Cymru etc.).
  • Provide you with information about other social landlords in the area who offer housing and give you details of how to contact them.
  • We will ensure that all empty properties and gardens are cleared of any rubbish, debris or furniture that has been left and brought back to a manageable condition.
  • We will ensure that, as a minimum, all health and safety repairs are carried out to our properties before they are let.
  • All workmanship to our properties will be of a high standard. 
  • If you feel that this standard has not been met, we will investigate in full.
  • Where there are non essential repairs to be carried out to the property, we will tell you about these before you move into the property.
  • If you have been offered a property and want to know when the keys will be available for you to view the property, we will give you an estimated date.
  • Where properties are in a poor state of decoration, we will offer you help with decorating materials.
  • When you are offered a property, we will accompany you to view it.


Moving Out

  •  If you decide to leave one of our properties, we will give you advice about:

-  Giving us the right length of notice to end your tenancy

-  Leaving the property clean and tidy

-  Outstanding rent and service charges

-  Handing in the keys

  • If you have damaged the property, you will be charged for the cost of repairing the damage.
  • If you leave rubbish, debris or furniture, you will be charged for the cost of removing it.
  • We will ensure that properties are safe and secure while empty.