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Estate Management


We will:

  • Address any issues relating to your neighbourhood which are identified by or brought to the attention of our staff.
  • Report any issues to the appropriate agency including Carmarthenshire County Council, resident representatives, Dyfed Powys Police and other partners.
  • Begin an investigation into comments or complaints about your estate within 5 working days of you contacting us.
  • Investigate any breach of the tenancy agreement and take appropriate action.
  • Remove any offensive graffiti within 1 working day to improve the appearance of your area.
  • Ensure that our Housing and Maintenance Teams visit sites regularly.
  • Visit you to discuss matters in the privacy of your own home if you wish.
  • Consult with you about improvements to your area.
  • Consult with you about how our estate management services are provided.
  • Work with Carmarthenshire County Council to ensure that abandoned vehicles are removed as quickly as possible.
  • Provide information on local pest control services for the treatment of pests such as rats, mice and wasps.
  • We will monitor the contractors who carry out the cleaning of buildings, window cleaning, servicing and monitoring of fire equipment, and grounds maintenance to ensure that they provide the service we expect.