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Energy Saving Trust

Only the most energy-efficient products carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label, making it quick and easy for you to find products that will cost you less to run, contribute to savings on your energy bill and help you do your bit for the environment.

The Energy Saving Trust tests a percentage of products every year so you can rest assured that where's there a label there's a smarter choice.

Under the Energy Saving Trust Recommended scheme only products that meet strict criteria on energy efficiency can carry the label.

For example, the Energy Saving Trust only certify fridges which are A+ and the washing machines on our scheme must be AAA - that's A for energy, A for wash quality and A for spin.

The criteria are set by an independent panel and reviewed annually to ensure they always reflect development and changes in the market and technology.

The Energy Saving Trust also certify products in categories where there isn't an EU energy label like glazing, televisions with integrated digital decoders (IDTVs) and boilers.

The idea is that whatever the product, whichever the labelling system - all you need to do is look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label when you go shopping.

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