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You said   

We did

As a direct result of feedback we have got from:

·         speaking to you over the phone or in person when you visit our office

·         the Residents Forum

·         resident consultation days

·         mystery shopper training

·         estate walkabouts

 We have made the following changes to our services. 

You said

We did

I would like to see staff visiting my area regularly.


We now have a rolling programme of estate visits

It would be useful to know the estate visit programme in advance.

Our Estate Walkabouts Schedule is on our website, in our residents magazine ‘Sgwrs’ and sent out to you in advance of our visit. 

I’m always losing my meter key; it would be good if we could stick it to the fridge.

We now give out meter keys in the form of a fridge magnet to help you stop losing them.  

We also put our contact details on them. 

Bro Myrddin needs to provide more ways to access information about services.

We issue information on services through our resident’s magazine ‘Sgwrs’ and we keep our website up to date with information on our services. 

Can you display residents and community group meetings for the year

These are now included in each issue of our residents magazine ‘Sgwrs’. 

You have too many options on your phone system so it takes too long to get to speak to someone.

We changed our phone message so you only get two options, one takes you to our heating and plumbing contractor the other straight to a staff member – it’s much quicker. 


We could do with advice on insuring our homes.

Bro Myrddin has signed up to the ‘My Home’ contents insurance scheme. 

This allows residents to have more affordable insurance with a trusted National Housing Federation Scheme. 

I would like to pay my rent with a debit card.

You can make a rent payment over the phone or online using your debit card 

It would be good if you can help with moving home within Carmarthen and to other areas.

Bro Myrddin is now a member of ‘Homeswapper’ ( 

This is the largest mutual exchange service for council and housing association tenants wanting to swap homes. 

Files are up to date and available in reception.  

The office hours on the Association website state that the office would be open at 8:30am however this is not the case at the office doors were open to the public at 8:45am.

The office is now open to the public at 8:30am

It’s not easy having to come into the office to pay recharges

You can now pay recharges using a debit or credit card by contacting our customer services team

The Residents forum recognised that the questions in repairs survey needed to be updated.

The association consulted with the resident’s forum that in result has influenced the questioning in the new repair survey.

The Resident forum felt that the Associations fun day was a fantastic event which drew in various residents who would not necessary interact with the Association to get involved.

It was suggested by the forum that it would be a great idea if this could be held on a 2 year basis.

Taking into consideration it has been agreed that the Associations fun day as suggested by the forum will be held every 2 years.

Residents forum suggested that it would be a great idea if the Association re launched the gardening competition in Sgwrs again so that the residents can show off their gardening skills.

We have re lunched the Gardening competition within the Spring 2014 issue of Sgwrs where the resident’s forum members will act as the judging panel for the competition.

A resident phoned the association and noted that the recharge letter was very confusing and hard to understand.

We changed the recharge letter so that it was easier to understand and easier to read.

A resident who was struggling using the password she sent him on the 'My Accounts' resident area of the website.

The password is system generated and has some capitals and some lower case characters. 

This particular resident had some sight difficulties and was struggling to tell the difference.

We added a 'change your password' facility into the 'My Accounts' area, so when a resident is logged in they can change it to something they will remember. 

This resident was really happy that he could change it to something that would work for him.

Residents at Ffynnon Waun hostel suggested at their monthly meetings that they would like to go out as a group for Christmas dinner.

The staff at the hostel organised the dinner and took the residents out for the evening.

The residents enjoyed their Christmas dinner and had an enjoyable evening together.